One Hour By The Bed, The Rest Is In My Head

by Swissy

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Swissy releases her sophomore album, another charmer with a mix of jazz, folk, pop and electronic beats thrown in for good measure! Her vocals stay sweet and yet, have a more sultry timbre. Expect the usual Swissy harmonies and melodious tunes. Her songwriting and content, however, have evolved and matured as she experiments with different sounds and styles of music.

Have a listen and enjoy!


released October 25, 2012

All music and lyrics by Swissy
Except "Hello, It's Me" by Todd Rundgren (Included in full album download)

Recorded at Chris Wilson Recordings in Melbourne, Australia, and Love One Another Studio in Manila, Philippines.



all rights reserved


Swissy Melbourne, Australia

Swissy is known for her angelic voice, Beatlesque harmonies and honest lyrics. Her career took off when she returned to the Philippines in 2006. Her single “How It All Started” reached #1 on MTV. She played at the Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore in 2008 and toured Japan tour in 2010. Swissy has released two albums - "She Smiles" in 2008 and "One Hour By The Bed, The Rest Is In My Head" in 2012. ... more

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Track Name: After All
From pride and joy and apple of your eye
It was understood what we were
Ever boastful of a boastful child
We’ve come a long way you and I
Of course it wasn’t always like this
We fought the silence and battle fields
Never breaking down ‘cause we’re not built that way
Tall poppies growing under sunlit trees

We are one and the same after all
I am you, you are me, Johnny was right
We are one and the same after all
I don’t mind, I’m ok, I don’t mind

Under your wing, you let me fly
It was always the point to go back
She recounted stories under a smile
We’ve come a long way you and I
We pass by second chances just missed
There’s nothing we can do about this
Now we’re backing down though we’re not built that way
Shine in the corner with nothing to say
Track Name: Why Don't You?
Remind yourself that you needed this
No more excuses and be glad for it
It’s wasted enough of your precious time
And God knows whoever else
You’ve driven off the edge
With your boring story

What a useless emotion you could do without if you want
Too easy to say, “Wait for it to come to you”
So why don’t you?

Guess you won’t be needing this no more
Watch it perish like the rest before
The world won’t wait for you
It’ll live and breathe again
And die like a listless wind
Before a cool breeze
Track Name: Moonlight
I’m talking to a boy but I’m sitting here miles away
Words echo past in half time
Please say it again, as I waste his day
Can’t seem to get you off my mind
There are places I’d rather be
Quiet colour is what I’ll see
Take a look at what’s inside
Even though they’re trying to tell me holding is no good for me
Finding it hard to realise

Would you ever think of me under the moonlight?
‘Cause the very thought of you gets me so high
My one wish is that you’ll really see me
Maybe one day in time

I’m living in this town
Strange to say but I’ll stay today and tomorrow
Leave it to me to wonder how and why
There is no here in imagination
Everybody knows I’m guilty
Hiding my intent will only show that it is all a lie
What you have it has taken me over and beyond dreams should be
Finding it hard to read the signs
Track Name: Does It Really Matter?
It’s another day, you find yourself on borrowed time
Is there another way to find a love to keep you warm or does it really matter?
There will come a time somewhere along the line
He’ll love and she won’t change her mind

Some things go on
Flow on
Others trip and miss
Take it for what it is

Looking at the sun, you’re blinded by transcending light
Look behind you, run, the tide keeps inching ever closer, or maybe let it happen
Mistakes in vain grow weary and ashamed
Don’t worry, laugh and celebrate

Long ago, excited and weak
Only if he came
Standing on the side of the street
Waiting to hear her name
Track Name: Time Out
I live in a bubble, not causing trouble
The days go by, I stay inside
One hour by the bed, the rest is in my head
Tick tock goes the clock

Time out, I’m taking some time out
Taking my time, wasting my time
I’ll go back into my suit and tie
When my mind grows tired and dreary

No, I’m not crazy nor hapless or lazy
I keep it together like any other
Nine-to-five days before moving away
Turn off the music, it was all worth it
Track Name: The Visit
So we’re meeting again
I’m losing sleep just like the last time - this is the end
When our eyes connect, how will I be?
Leave a lasting impression like a classic beauty

“Throw it away” is sound advice
Before I say, I’d better think twice
Everything is melting like ice
Tomorrow comes, what will be your prize?

And when you have to leave
Will it be a sad time or will you be relieved?
Come again, I think that you should
Leave your keys and pack your bags but only for good

Slowly waking to the silence of my lonely room
Evidently breaking a heart that’s out of tune
I’m too young for that

“Throw it away” is sound advice
Before I say, I’d better think twice
Everything is melting like ice
Tomorrow comes, what will be your..
Will you find what you’re looking for?
Turn around and I’ll be gone
Track Name: One Second Longer
You know that feeling you get when your heart skips a beat
It could go either way but you don’t know which
And in that moment she senses your fear
Lovingly light it, coward in here

Lucky for you, it subsides
Lucky for you, you were saved
Imagine the tragedy, imagine the regret
If that moment went on one second longer

Try to remember a time when you felt that kind of fear
No, it’s only this one time
And it’s that moment that defines what’s to be
Lovingly bite it, coward in here
Track Name: Funny
Are you my special friend? Will you dance with me?
Are you my lovely friend? Will you come away with me?
I take my time looking at you
It’s enough to light the evening sky

Ain’t it funny how you don’t even know me?
There’s no division now, you don’t even need to ask me
There is a reason, not a season for this
Just close your eyes and try to find it
There’s nothing more to say
You can start by getting to know me

Are you lonely friend? Won’t you dance with me?
Are you my only friend? You sure you’d come away with me?
I hold my breath, pretend so smile
It’s ok, I have nothing to hide
Track Name: Always The Same
Is it the start of a beautiful life or the end of a comfortable one?
It’s always the same
With my guard down, I am open and shaken
It’s always the same

Hedge your bets, boy, you’ll never lose
At least not your pride
Because they will never know
At least you don’t think so
But they do know more than you
You just hedge your bets, boy, you’ll never lose your pride

Where to go with this curious life? Two steps sideways, it seems to me
Is there someone to blame?
With my blood, sweat and tears, I am patiently waiting
It’s always the same
Track Name: For The Sake Of Who
You’d think months passing would be enough to rid myself of this sinking feeling
But to my disappointment, it surrounds me still
Like the smell of my mother’s perfume
I should lay it to rest, say goodbye to the fantasy I have of you
It means so little now

So tired of exhausting my thoughts over you
It seems I’m always looking for a potential you
Don’t even know why anymore
I started at A and ended at two
I’m keeping it going for the sake of who

Whoever comes will have the impossible task of walking in your shoes
Because it’s what I want
And if they don’t then I’ll walk on by
I’d rather spend my time trying to find someone like you